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2D Game

Will be adding more details over time.

Working On

I've gathered most of the data needed to get the day/night cycle set up. I'm just waiting on my Panda3D python code to get this further along since it will be built on top of that. After the day/night cycle is working the yearly cycle of the sun and stars will be the next stage.

I've made an initial mockup of how things will get rendered so that the 2D view will have a 3D aspect to it. That code will get rolled into the game when I am ready to do so.

I need to figure out a way to handle seasonal changes in a way that looks good. Snow, ice, and rain will not only affect the way things look, they also affect how a person/horse/wagon would move over the terrain. So along with getting the graphics to reflect these changes I need to design the in game movement so that environmental and possibly other things can alter the way it works.

Things I Need

I've been looking for a starmap I could use which is mostly centered around polaris (the north star) but so far I haven't found anything usable or anyone that could make me one. If anyone knows who I could contact to get one made or could make one for me that would be helpful. The easiest way to contact me right now is to visit my youtube channel (videos link above), click About, and use the send message button there.