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2D Game #1

Working On

I've made an initial mockup of how things will get rendered so that the 2D view will have a 3D aspect to it. The perspective code is working but I need to create a randomized map (based on seed) and load up that map and draw it. Dynamic images for all the trees, shrubs, grasses, rocks, and whatever else exists will need to be created and loaded into their correct places so it looks like you are walking through the world. There is a fair amount of work that needs to occur for the map and dynamic images to get everything working together.

I need to figure out a way to handle seasonal changes in a way that looks good. Snow, ice, and rain will not only affect the way things look, they also affect how a person/horse/wagon would move over the terrain.

A 2D side scroller based in medieval times which will use some of the data I have already gathered. Expect it not to be an ordinary side scroller. A detailed view of what I mean will be available when I have something to show.

The first profession you can play will be the knight. There will be medieval tournaments which centred on melee fighting. Jousting (during the time frame of my game) was part of a tournament but was more considered a duel and combatants might switch to shorter range weapons as the distance shortened or as one or both had been unhorsed. Jousting events had recently started to exist outside of the tournament.

There will be quests to do and more.


  • Realistic day/night cycle, seasons, and weather.
  • A randomly generated England like map for you to explore.
  • Eat, sleep, and recover from injuries.
  • Purchase, trade, or sell items in the games economy.
  • Pay taxes and provide military service to your king.

Possible Features

  • Journey to become a knight as a squire or even earlier as a page.
  • Find love and struggle to survive in the harsh world.
  • Provide other professions to play.
  • Craft items based on your profession.